Dr. Phil's guests are sisters who grew up as inseparable friends, until a man got between them. Can Dr. Phil broker a peace between these siblings and help them repair their broken relationships?


A Family Shattered
Alicia says her sister, Michelle, destroyed her family when she slept with Alicia's fiancé while she was with their baby in the next room. Michelle says it was the biggest mistake of her life and is desperate to prove to Alicia that she's changed. The siblings face each other for the first time in more than a year.

"I didn't just lose a fiancé, I really lost two best friends: a fiancé and a sister, all in one hit." 



Worth a Second Chance?
Dr. Phil asks the siblings to participate in an exercise to allow Alicia to give voice to her anger and pain, and begin the healing process.

Will Alicia be able to forgive Michelle and allow her back into her life? 


Three's a Crowd
Nicole says her relationship with her sister, Amanda, is strained because she doesn't approve of Amanda's fiancé, Nick, or the choices that she's making. Amanda says Nicole is the queen of manipulation and is jealous of her life.

"I don't trust Nick. I feel he's a shady guy."