Dr. Phil's guests say that their partner is getting a little too close for comfort with someone else, and it's putting their relationship in jeopardy. Can Dr. Phil ease the envy before it combusts these relationships?


Crossing the Line?

Rickie says her co-worker, Josh, has created a huge wedge in her relationship. You won't believe what happens when her boyfriend, Aaron, hears secret details of their friendship for the first time on the Dr. Phil stage. 


"Have you been to his house, just the two of you?"



Love Triangle

Aaron goes head to head with his girlfriend's "work spouse," Josh, for the first time. What will the two men say to one another? Will Josh reveal his true feelings for Rickie? Will Aaron tell Josh to back off? And, find out Dr. Phil's stern words for all three guests!


How will Aaron react when faced with the other man?


Four's a Crowd

Andy, Geno and Paul have one thing in common " they are all friends who agree Tommy has a problem with jealousy. Learn about a fit of envy so bad, Tommy drove a car right through a restaurant! Is his partner contributing by his flirtation? And, can Tommy get help before he lets his soul mate slip away?


"I didn't know whether to mind him or my mother?"


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