Does it feel like your household is in a constant state of chaos — kids constantly kicking and screaming, doors slamming, dogs barking? What do you do?


PR maven and Dr. Phil special contributor, Kelly Cutrone, joins Dr. Phil to help his guests decompress and plug back into their marriages.


Mom on the Edge
Jessi says her husband, Jeremy, acts like a child, won't help discipline their two kids and goes on daily hikes while she's left to run the household. Jeremy claims his wife is just jealous that he has a life outside the home.

See what happens when Kelly Cutrone makes a house call!


Hiking or Hanky-Panky?

Jessi tells Dr. Phil that she suspects Jeremy could be cheating when he says he's going out for a run. What does Kelly discover when she investigates?


Can Dr. Phil help Jessi decompress and create a true partnership with Jeremy? 


Melancholy Motherhood

Emily says she hates being a wife and mother and regrets having her three kids. Her husband, Jeff, says he's the one who should be complaining because he sacrificed a lot for his family, and he says Emily should stop whining.


Learn why Emily says she's falling out of love with her family.