As the nursery rhyme goes, "Sugar and spice and everything nice " that's what little girls are made of." But what happens when little girls turn into big bullies? Dr. Phil examines why young girls are becoming cruel, mean, and bossy, and he has help from the co-stars of Mean Girls 2, Maiara Walsh and Meaghan Martin.


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Aggressive Sisters?

Sheila says her daughter, Kayla, threatens other kids at school, steals their lunch and punches them " and she's only 9! But little Kayla says her 11-year-old sister, Haley, is the real bully. Find out why, and learn what's behind the sisters' mean girl attitude.


"She's hanging around with the wrong crowd."



Stars Take a Stand against Bullying

In the movie Mean Girls 2, Maiara Walsh plays Mandi, leader of the clique The Plastics, but she says she's nothing like her bad girl on-screen persona. Meaghan plays Jo, a good-hearted student who befriends the school outcast. Hear the actresses' words of wisdom for Kayla and Haley.


Were Maiara and Meaghan ever bullied as kids?



Making a Difference

Foundations School Community in Van Nuys, California is at the forefront of the anti-bully movement. In 1997, Foundations School Community began their anti-bullying program: "With Compassion and Safety for All: A Humanistic Approach to Bully Prevention." Each week students meet to discuss issues related to and regarding bullying. 

"It's like I don't exist."


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Mean Girl in the Making?

Carson says her daughter, Caiden, is bossy and sassy, and is 6 years old going on 16. Kristen says her sister caves in to Caiden's impudent attitude and isn't consistent with her discipline.


Could Carson " and you " be raising a bully?