It's a Dr. Phil Housewives so explosive, it takes two episodes to resolve! Dr. Phil takes Rachael to task for expecting him to find her a job. And, when Michelle expresses her concern about Kimm's drinking, Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of Kimm's alleged erratic behavior. Are drugs and drinking involved? Plus, emotions run high as one of the Housewives takes a desperate measure that shocks everyone and sends her to the ER. You don't want to miss this emotional episode! 


Rachael's Antics
Rachael opens up the roundtable saying, "If we waste one more show with the drama - I've about had it."


Dr. Phil says that Rachael contributes to the drama herself. He explains that before each roundtable, he receives a notebook from the producers with updates about each of the women. He reads his notes about Rachael. "They said, 'Rachael continues to be a constant complainer. She's very quick to become accusatory in tone and blame the staff for any issues. She's also quick to make flip comments,'" he says. "'We've had two career counselors working to help find Rachael a new job, however, we constantly hear that she doesn't have time to apply for all the new jobs. She also makes comments that someone like Dr. Phil should have the personal contacts to help her get a job.'"

Rachael denies saying that she didn't have time to apply for work.

Dr. Phil continues, reading a statement from headhunter Tony Beshara, who says that Rachael was eager to work at the beginning but then became irritated. Rachael continues to defend her behavior.


From Friend to Foe

Dr. Phil reads Michelle's update. "'Michelle is nervous to attend the roundtable on Tuesday because she recently accused Kimm of drinking again during a dinner out with Kimm, and she's afraid of the repercussions,'" he says. 


Dr. Phil asks Kimm about Michelle's comments. "Out of the blue, she said I had erratic behavior," Kimm says, adding that Michelle suggested she might be drinking again. "I was like, 'Where did that come from? If you're such a great friend, why haven't you talked to me about that?' And I just thought, Gloria and Michelle have been getting together and trying to somehow " "

Dr. Phil plays a tape in which Michelle voices her concerns about Kimm's behavior, noting that after the fashion show, a few of the women, including Kimm, stayed up to the wee hours of the morning drinking. She adds that when she confronted Kimm, she became defensive.


Confronting Kimm

Dr. Phil addresses Kimm. "I don't care about these interactions. What I care about is if you're being honest with me and yourself about how much you're drinking," he says. "And whether or not it's a problem that puts your health, your well-being, your marriage, your family in jeopardy. Because if it is, you need to be honest about it."

Kimm admits when she binged, it was a problem, but she says she doesn't behave in that manner anymore.


Dr. Phil asks Kimm how much she drank during the women's night out. She says she can't remember but admits she drank too much. She adds that she and Jennifer were offered cocaine but didn't accept. But, she reveals that she took a Xanax before the roundtable because she's upset with her husband. "I don't want to be here. I don't want to be doing this. I want to go home and cry," she tells him.

Dr. Phil asks Kimm why she has animosity toward Michelle. Kimm explains that she thought everything was fine between them, but when Michelle made the comments about her drinking, she didn't like the manner in which she said it.


Michelle explains she was a concerned friend and trying to find a reason for Kimm's behavior.


Alana's Answers
During a break in the taping, Kimm enters the bathroom and breaks down crying. When taping resumes, she refuses to come out.

Dr. Phil moves on to discuss Alana. He reads her update. "'Alana has told the staff she wants to address some of the issues with Michelle and apologize for getting in her face,'" he says.

"I didn't say apologize," Alana says. Turning to Michelle, she continues. "I wanted to address the fact that you're two-faced, and I'm tired of you playing the victim." When Michelle responds, Alana snaps back, "They're you go. Forget it. She doesn't deserve it."



Meet Javier
While the ladies are upstairs checking on Kimm, Dr. Phil shares his concerns with her husband, Javier. "Kimm completely denies that she's drinking or taking any drugs, but I don't believe her," Dr. Phil tells him.

Javier reveals he thinks Kimm drinks to excess on some occasions. "She's sort of medicating herself," he says. "Today, she's completely exhausted. She went to bed at 4:30 a.m., and that was after drinking heavily." He explains that the previous night, they got into a disagreement because he didn't want to be with her if she continued to drink.

"I can't prove it, but I do think she has an alcohol and drug problem," Dr. Phil tells him. "And if we can't get her cleaned up from that, she's never going to be the wife, and mother and person that she needs to be."



Emotional Breakdown
Alana and Jennifer have an emotional conversation with Kimm.

Kimm checks into Creative Care Malibu, a pioneer of dual diagnosis treatment and leading edge treatment center for addiction and mental health in California.


"If you have a friend or a loved one who is threatening, or talking about, or you think making plans for suicide, pick up the phone and call 911, or you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-TALK(8255)," Dr. Phil says.