The Housewives return to the roundtable, and Kimm makes an appearance. When old rivalries are reignited, see who apologizes for her behavior, and to whom Kimm says, "I genuinely don't like you." And, Jennifer reveals secrets about her past, and the other women don't hold back their responses. Plus, why does Alana believe two of the women have ulterior motives for participating in the show?


Emotional Aftermath

After Kimm reached a breaking point and left in an ambulance, the other women are shaken, and Dr. Phil meets with them. "Hopefully, [Kimm] will agree to go straight into medically-supervised rehab," he says.

Michelle breaks down in tears and says, "I feel bad. I care about her, and I feel guilty."

"I think you feel more upset at yourself for how you did her," Alana says to Michelle through tears. "She was in need. You could have waited. You made it worse for her."

Michelle bawls as she defends her behavior.

Jennifer stands up for Michelle. "Alana, you can't put it on her," she says.


Alana says she's in disbelief. "I spend so much time with her, and I guess I was blind," she says. "It hurts."

Gloria says she has mixed emotions. She feels sad but also angry because Kimm is getting the help that she wished many of her loved ones could have received.

"This is a cry for help," Dr. Phil says. "If she gets the help, then that's the good thing."

Kimm's Care
While Kimm is in treatment at Creative Care, Dr. Phil meets with her doctors to see when she will be able to return to the group.

Dr. Morteza Khaleghi, founder of Creative Care, shares, "She, I think, more than anybody else, has probably emotional issues before she has the addiction issues. One of the worst fears she has is becoming like her mother. As you may know, her mother developed alcoholism when Kimm was 14, 15, so she is horrified that if she admits that she's an alcoholic, that she's just become like her mother."

"So she still denies having an alcohol issue?" Dr. Phil asks.

Clinical Director Dr. Deena Manion explains, "I think she understands that drinking three bottles of wine is a problem. I don't think she's at a point where she's thinking she's an alcoholic, but I think she's willing to look at the abuse."

Kimm Returns
The women return to the roundtable a week later, and with her doctors' approval, Kimm joins the group. The other women are surprised, and Alana is brought to tears. "I'm just so happy to see her. I'm speechless," she says. "Just seeing her and holding her was the one thing I wanted to do, because last time she left here, I didn't know if she was going to be here. I didn't know if she was going to make it."

Alana makes allegations about Gloria's and Michelle's motives for participating in the show.


Burning Secret Revealed
Jennifer says she feels trapped in her life. "I'm trying to make progress. I'm trying to pretend like I'm making progress. I'm not," she says. "I'm trying to figure out why I define myself by men."


Jennifer shares that she's been in love twice in her life. She explains why she married the others, "I just wanted to be with someone who loved me, so bad." She says that she stays with Peter because she doesn't believe she can support herself, and she doesn't want to be alone. "He's trying so hard, and I'm trying so hard to fall back in love with him," she says.

Jennifer adds that she and Peter are raising her 3-year-old autistic grandchild. "I just feel like I'm drowning all the time," she reveals, wiping away tears. "I'm not going to sacrifice my kids " and he's my kid at this point " because I need a break. It's been nice, because I've been able to live vicariously through everybody here."


Authentic Self
Dr. Phil asks the women, "Does anybody understand the concept of authentic self?" He says to Jennifer, "You project to me that you live with so much shame and so much guilt that if anybody ever really knew you, they'd drop you like a bad habit. They wouldn't have anything to do with you."

"Absolutely," Jennifer confirms.

"And you would get what you believe you deserve, which is to be alone," Dr. Phil continues. Jennifer agrees.


Dr. Phil asks Alana, "What is your payoff?"

"There's really not a payoff with them," she says. "Honestly, they don't get the fact that I really don't like them. Just leave me alone, but they want to keep coming at me."

"Why do you care?" Dr. Phil presses. "You engage every single time by insulting [Gloria] or insulting [Michelle] ... If somebody says something that even closely is offensive to you, you feel the need and you do respond."


The women reveal how they've damaged their personal truth. Jennifer says it's the negative things she says to herself; Gloria says it's that she doesn't believe she deserves happiness, abundance and intimacy in a relationship; Alana says she's going to work on her new skills, and Michelle says she realizes that everyone doesn't have to like her.