Dr. Phil's guests say they're dealing with uncontrollable rage in their household. Meet a woman who says she feels like a terrible mom for berating her young children, and parents who say their 9-year-old's aggressive behavior has them at a breaking point.


Mad at the World
Miranda, a mother of three, says she feels like a walking volcano. She admits to screaming and yelling at her young daughters and belittling them on a daily basis. Even her husband, Socorro, says he's afraid of Miranda's wrath and feels powerless to stop her. 

What's at the root of Miranda's fury, and can she get a handle on her temper?


Terrorized by Their Son

Arlana and Damon say they're fed up with their 9-year-old son, Davontae's, aggressive behavior. They say he curses at them, kicks holes in the wall and attacks his older brother. Arlana says she worries for the safety of her other three children, and she's ready to leave Davontae with his father.


"I'm afraid he'd throw knives if I didn't keep them locked up."