For most mothers, the thought of giving away their own child sounds inconceivable, but has today's guest done just that? And, a mother says her 17-year-old daughter is simply throwing her life away for a boyfriend six years her senior. If you have a child, a tween or a teenager, you do not want to miss this show!


Overwhelmed is Not an Option

Donna says she was greatly overwhelmed when she gave her 8-year-old son, Joe, to her daughter, Autum, and son-in-law, Nick, to raise in what was supposed to be an interim solution. Find out what happened at a family meeting that went awry, and an interview with Dr. Phil producers that left Donna writhing in tears. Plus, why does Donna's son-in-law say she hasn't done much to improve the situation?


"The truth will either make you mad, or set you free."



Too Much to Handle

While Donna says Joe is more than she can handle and shares an incident where the 8-year-old tipped over a couch and became dangerous, she is adamant the boy is not violent. As Dr. Phil tries to get to the bottom of Donna's conflicting statements, learn the shameful reason Autum says her mother adopted Joe. Plus, could it be possible this is not be the first time Donna has tried to give away her own son? 


"Being a mother is a verb and a noun."



A Home for Joe

Who else is the mother shrugging off in her life? Then, when Dr. Phil presses Donna to step up for Joe, or give up her parental rights, what will she decide? And, why is she so dismissive to Dr. Phil's attempts to help?


"You need to quit using your children as a bargaining chip."



Learning to Let Go

The hard work should be over, but Renee says her 17-year-old daughter, Mikaela, may be on the cusp of becoming an adult, but she's throwing away everything she's worked so hard to provide for her " all for a boy. Is this a simple act of rebellion, or something more serious? And, what can Dr. Phil say to unite this mother and daughter. Plus, learn the stern words he has for Mikaela's boyfriend.


"You need to be selfish on your behalf here."


Dr. Phil's Advice

"Parenting is a lifelong challenge, but you want to do what works. There's a difference between being right and being happy; being right and being effective. Those are skill sets. But you can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first."