Kelly and Tony are frustrated parents with an out-of-control teen. Kyle, 16, was smoking marijuana, drinking, stealing, sneaking out of the house and failing school. At their wits' end, they sent him to a rehab center for young men. Kyle may be making progress, but are his parents and home environment ready for his return?


Is His Home Ready?
Kelly and Tony meet with Dr. Phil to plan the next step for their son. Kelly and Dr. Phil have a rocky first meeting. Find out why Dr. Phil says they're not prepared to parent an addicted teen, and why he thinks Kelly needs medical help as well.

"Did you ever smoke it with him?" 



A Family Illness
Kyle joins his parents, along with his rehab counselor. Does the teen think he's ready for life in the real world? How does he feel about his relationship with his parents? And, will Kelly agree to Dr. Phil's plan for her?

Plus, see an update with this family!