Imagine the only way to ever visit your child is at a gravesite. How do you cope with the overwhelming grief? Dr. Phil speaks with a young mom who can't let go of her guilt over her son's death and learns the shocking way she's been trying to cope. Plus, see an amazing update from a woman who weighed just 73 pounds when she met Dr. Phil!


Guilt, Blame and Grief
Liz's son, Brennan, died suddenly when he was just 11 weeks old, and she doesn't like to visit his grave because she blames herself for his death. Family members say they have questions after discovering pharmacy bags and prescription slips for narcotics in Liz's home. Was Liz using drugs when she was caring for her child? And, are Liz's husband and mother ready to confront her?

"I didn't want to feel anything. I wanted to be numb." 



Time to Face Her Pain
Liz opens up about the severity of her addiction and the extreme measures she takes to get money for drugs. Could her family have seen this coming? And, will Liz be willing to get off drugs, face her pain and mourn for her baby? Dr. Phil doesn't mince words when he tells her she only gets one chance.

"You act like you're doing us all a favor." 



Strong, Healthy and Happy
Meagan, 26, suffered from anorexia and bulimia and weighed just 73 pounds when she was last on Dr. Phil's stage. See how she's doing now! Plus, interventionist Joani shares her passion for helping others get healthy.


"You saved my life."