Are you stuck in the middle of a nasty divorce? Or, is the divorce finalized but the war isn't over yet? Dr. Phil intervenes with couples struggling to be peaceful co-parents after their marriages went south. With the help of family law attorneys Areva Martin and Brett Berman, can Dr. Phil help these couples reach a peaceful resolution?  


No Agreement = No Divorce
Jeff and Angie have been legally separated for over a year, but can't get a divorce until they agree on alimony and child support. Jeff says after 20 years of marriage, five counselors and three mediations, it's clear to him that his soon-to-be ex-wife just wants as much of his money as she can get. Angie says Jeff is out to make her life miserable.

"At what point do the kids get to have their turn?" 



Allegations That Backfired?
Julie and Robert have been divorced for two years. Robert won primary custody of their 9-year-old daughter, Madison, after Julie accused him of being sexually inappropriate with the girl, and the judge didn't believe her. Julie says she won't give up hope that she can get her daughter back. Now, is Robert keeping Julie from seeing their child? 

"I don't think she's being taken care of properly as a little girl."



The Prayer Box
Julie says she encouraged Madison to create a prayer box, a place where she can write down her wishes and prayers. Dr. Phil is concerned about what he reads from the box. And, find out what else is going on with Madison that disturbs Dr. Phil.

"I would be very, very suspect that somebody was influencing this child to write these things."