Does it seem like some girls get all the guys? Want to learn their secrets? Three self-professed man-eaters teach you how to use their tricks to your advantage!  



Bad is the New Good?

Meet the bad girls. Between today's three guests, one has been engaged to be married 19 times, another has multiple men paying her bills at any given time, and a third says she's a cougar who prefers a "cub" to a receding hairline. Find out the women's deal-breakers. And, find out what causes two of the bad girls to clash! 


"I almost spent the rest of my life with the wrong person, so now I'm trying every person!"



Tried and True Tips of the Trade

Self-professed bad boy, Steve Santagati, joins the women onstage. Will Steve defend the women's actions? And, Dr. Carole Lieberman, author of Bad Girls, explains her research and analyzes the women. Which bad girls become increasingly critical of their results?


"I find gold diggers despicable and despising."



A Damsel in Distress

The bad girls share their number one trick to land a man, simple tips they say you can use, too. Then, Lorne says he became so fixated on "rescuing" his then-wife, he engaged in a number of illegal activities to fulfill his "knight fantasy," landing him in prison. Find out what he says he learned about courting a bad girl.


"They think that if they save her, she will be with him forever."



Sitting Ducks

Could you be a sitting duck for a bad girl? Take the test and find out! Then, Dr. Phil speaks to several audience members, some who say they crave a bad girl, and others who say they can't escape them. Find out what happens in an experiment when these men are put in a room with single, available good girls!


"There's definitely something sexy about a bad girl."