What would you do if you were standing at the altar in your wedding gown, holding a bridal bouquet in a room full of family and friends, and the groom didn't show up? Would you seek revenge? Dr. Phil talks to two women who say they were jilted brides. Plus, Laurel Kagay says her ex-boyfriend Brad Womack of The Bachelor betrayed her by going on the show.


Runaway Groom?

Dee says she spent over $31,000 on her special day only to be dumped by her then-fiancé, Danny. He says there's more to the story than meets the eye. Dee and Danny haven't seen each other in more than two years. Find out what happens when they face off on Dr. Phil's stage!


"I was someone who wanted to be married very badly."


Bachelor Betrayal?

Laurel Kagay says that while her ex-boyfriend, Brad Womack, was living life on TV as The Bachelor, he continued to send her text messages asking her to marry him. Brad has denied her claims in print, but Laurel says she wants to set the record straight.


"He always told me I was the only one for him."



Nuptials Nightmare
Dr. Phil checks back in with Marilyn, who says her fiancé left her with a big bill just six days before the wedding. When Marilyn first appeared on the show, she feared that she would never be able to trust men again.


See Marilyn's amazing update!