Sisters Marita, 29, and Katrina, 28, say they endured a childhood from hell because their stepfather sexually abused them. It's been 16 years since he was found guilty and went to jail, but the siblings say they can't move on until they know why their mother, Kathy, allowed them to be abused.

This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Struggling to Find Closure
After years of trying to heal from their traumatic childhoods, Marita and Katrina search for answers and a sincere apology from their mother, Kathy, for not protecting them when they were being abused. They say Kathy knew what was happening and even encouraged their stepfather's inappropriate behavior. Did Kathy know what was happening under her roof?

"I feel like my mother served me on a platter to a predator."



The Confrontation
The sisters face their mother with a singular purpose: to finally get the answers and apology they've been searching for. Did Kathy know what was happening to her little girls? Is she sorry for not protecting them and standing by her husband during his trial? Now mothers themselves, will these women be able to heal their relationship with Kathy?

"I didn't know exactly what I saw. My God, it was like a damn nightmare."



Playing the Victim?
Emotions run high as Dr. Phil asks Kathy the hard questions. Did Kathy make her daughters apologize to their stepfather? Will Marita and Katrina get what they need from their mother in order to put the past behind them and move forward?



"Why didn't you come in and save me?" 

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