Are kids today growing up too fast? Three families say their tween daughters' demands for racy clothing, Botox and spa visits have them concerned.


13 Going on 30

Allison may be only 13, but her parents, Kati and Troy, say the tween dresses far beyond her young years. They say they argue with Allison daily about her scandalous wardrobe and heavy makeup, but the teen refuses to listen. When face-to-face with Dr. Phil, will the tween at last agree to tone down her grown up look?


"What scares me is the image that she portrays to boys."


Miley Look-a-Like

Taylor, 10, is an aspiring singer and actress with a resemblance to pop star, Miley Cyrus. After watching her own mother, Christina, alter her appearance with plastic surgery, Taylor wants to undergo several procedures, including one to remove the freckles from her cheeks, and another to plump her lips, all to look more like Miley. Learn of the incredible pressure Christina places on looks for her tween daughter. Is her mother to blame for modeling this behavior?


"You are trying to emulate a fantasy."


Diva Dymond

Dymond's mother, Tiffany, is drowning in credit card debt and often goes without paying household bills, but admits she can't say no to her 10-year-old daughter's demands for weekly trips to the spa for head-to-toe pampering. The tween's latest request is an extravagant 11th birthday party, complete with a Hummer limo and red carpet. Can Dr. Phil force Tiffany to see the light?


"Your job is not giving her everything she wants."

Final Thoughts: "Our job is to teach children to value who they are instead of trying to be something else."