Dr. Phil talks to mothers-in-law at war with their sons-in-law and the loved ones caught in the middle. Can these feuding families put aside their grievances and foster a peace?



Finger-Pointing Family

Greg and Amy have only been married for 10 months, but the couple says Amy's mom, Terry, is ruining their relationship. Greg says his mother-in-law is manipulative and controlling, and she even called Child Protective Services on him for allegedly abusing Amy's young children.



"Ridiculous is not a big enough word to describe this whole entire situation." 


Manipulative Mother-in-Law?

Donna, says her son-in-law, Steve, is an abusive parent who hits her grandchildren. Steve refutes this and says his mother-in-law is a "man-hater" trying to ruin his marriage. Donna's daughters, Rochelle and Shannon, speak up about the family drama, and you'll be surprised to learn who they think is to blame.  


"She expects him to jump in and be father of the year."


Are They Still at Odds?

Dr. Phil sent Greg, Amy and their family backstage to calm down and decide how they can set aside their grievances. Is the family still bickering? Will Greg and his mother-in-law, Terry, be able to foster a peace?


"You just want to continue your bickering, and you didn't need to come here for that."