Kip, Vicky and Tory return to the Dr. Phil stage to reveal a new bombshell that is making their home life more unbearable than ever! What does Kip say is his biggest issue with his stepdaughter? And, another family is desperate for help as one daughter has run away " and the other makes a plea for help. Can they resolve their disputes and come together as a family?


"It's You or Me"

Kip's first appearance on the Dr. Phil stage shocked viewers and audience members. He brazenly described his stepdaughter as a worthless human being with no redeeming value. After much debate, Kip eventually agreed to find a more peaceful way to handle his conflicts at home. But now, the entire family returns, just weeks later, with a problem bigger than any before.


"It's a ticking time bomb."



A Happy Home?

Danielle is at odds with her stepfather, Joe. He says he just wants a little help around the house, but she says she feels like a slave. Danielle's sister, April, simply said enough is enough and left home. Their mother, Tish, wants a happy home once again. Can Dr. Phil get this family to see eye-to-eye? 


"It makes me madder than a hornet's nest."