When Madisen first appeared on Dr. Phil, her family had reached their breaking point with her defiant behavior. The teen returns to show off her dramatic transformation. But Madisen's mother, Brandy, comes to the show with an even more urgent issue " Madisen's younger sister, 13-year-old Baileigh, whom she describes as even more out of control. And, Chelsea was a spoiled 23-year-old who stole from her own family and refused to grow up. Hear from the young woman whose life is on the brink of disaster.


Baileigh Behaving Badly

Brandy says her thirteen-year-old daughter Baileigh is 10 times more out of control than Madisen ever was. Discover why the teen had to be chased through the streets and escorted to the show! When her older sister Madisen first appeared on Dr. Phil, her family was fed up with her behavior. Now, after one hundred days at a residential treatment facility, she returns to showcase her dramatic transformation!

"She's going to end up pregnant or in jail."


The Trouble with Trevor

Madisen and Baileigh haven't been all that ails this family " their mother, Brandy, says her 11-year-old son, Trevor, is deeply troubled also. Find out about a fight between Baileigh and Trevor so severe that the police had to be called. Now the young boy faces a possible 15-year jail sentence. What does Dr. Phil suggest for this chaotic family? And is Madisen ready to return home?


"I was kicking, stabbing and slicing at the door."



Still Refusing to Grow Up?

Chelsea was raised in the lap of luxury, but when it was time to grow up, she stole from her family to keep up her lifestyle. Since leaving the show, 23-year-old Chelsea's life has spun out of control. What was behind the 40 days she spent in jail? And who else has this woman hurt? A surprise guest forces Chelsea to admit her many tall tales.

"You've lied to me in just the last three minutes!"



The Truth Will Set You Free?