Would you stand by your spouse in the midst of a scandal? In Part 1, popular televangelists Marcus and Joni Lamb opened up to Dr. Phil about the affair that disrupted their marriage and the controversy that followed. Now, two more ministers reveal the secrets they kept from their families and congregations.

Deceit, Manipulation and Lies

Tim, a career minister, says he was struggling with the shame of his sex addiction and juggled two very different lives " until he was arrested in a park with another man. Tim shares how he and his wife, Stacy, turned to each other in crisis and are working to rebuild their marriage, family and reputation.

"I felt that I had been living with a man that I didn't even know."

Struggling to Cope

David, a pastor, decided to come clean to his wife, his children, and then his congregation about a secret so dark, he kept it hidden since the age of 8. Learn how he's facing his demons and the toll it's taken on his wife. Can this couple repair the damage that's been done?

"You have some flawed thinking about this."