When we last caught up with the Dr. Phil Housewives, Kimm had just returned from rehab, Jennifer revealed secrets about her past, and old rivalries among the women were reignited. Now, Dr. Phil sends the women on a surprise adventure. Can they put aside their differences and work together as a team? See who faces her fears, who quits and who wins.

The Housewives visit Fulcrum Adventures to participate in a team-building ropes course. They are divided into two teams: Rachael, Gloria and Kimm make up the green team, and Alana, Jennifer and Michelle make up the purple team. The women compete in five physical challenges that require patience, teamwork and trust, earning points for each completed mission. To raise the stakes, Dr. Phil throws in a mystery surprise for the winning team.

During the first event, Gloria injures her knee and has to be carried off to the side. "It was like it was a script written. It was expected," Jennifer says. "She's a little actress, that one. She plays to the camera and to the men."

The purple team wins the first event. Both teams finish the second event at the same time. The green team is awarded the points because they complete the exercise more accurately.

The third and fourth events test the women's trust in each other and themselves.

For the last challenge, the women must walk a narrow plank and get themselves and their teammates to the final platform before the other team. The team that finishes first will win the entire challenge. Both teams struggle to make it to the end, so the course guides flip the planks to their wider side, to make the challenge easier for both teams. The purple team gets to the end first and wins. Gloria and Rachael complain that the challenge was unfair and they didn't deserve to lose.

Facing Their Fears
Dr. Phil meets with the women to see if they learned anything about themselves during the obstacle course experience.

"I will never forget that for the rest of my life, to the grave," Michelle says, referring to the challenge where she climbed a poll and jumped from the top. "I'm terrified of heights. That's my number one fear."

Dr. Phil asks Michelle why she completed the exercise and didn't quit.

"It is a metaphor for life. If I can actually get up there and do something I'm so terrified to do, I've got to do it," she says.

On tape, Jennifer shares that she doesn't believe Michelle's fear. "She's a control freak, and I believe that's her way of getting the attention that she needs," she says. "I don't believe for a second that she was afraid of heights. I think it was just another 'look-at-me' moment."

Dr. Phil plays a tape of Alana from the course where she refuses to participate in the height events. He asks her, "What was really going on inside you?"

"I'm afraid of heights," Alana admits. "Jumping off a post doesn't symbolize anything in my life. I've overcome so much in my life."

The other women point out that by participating, Alana would have shown that she's a team player, and she may have learned that she can conquer any obstacle presented to her.

Alana maintains that she supported her teammates. "I did not give up. I was in pain, and I did not give up," she says.

Dr. Phil explains that the way people form their self-image and self-esteem is by watching themselves participate in life and assigning attributions to themselves. "For example, integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is watching but you," he says. He faces Alana and says, "You said, ‘If I knew what the prize was, I'd do it.' Is this really about stuff?"

Alana laughs.

Although Alana claims she supported her team during the obstacle course, Dr. Phil shows a video that conveys the opposite. "Was that good coaching, or were you just bitching?" he asks.

"I thought I was motivating them, pushing them," she says. "Tough love."

Sore Losers?
Alana tells Dr. Phil that she was a gracious winner, but a video shows her boasting after her team's victory. She says she's just competitive, but the other women point out that if she was truly competitive, she would have participated in all the events. "You stepped up when it got easy, Alana," Rachael says.

"You weren't a gracious winner," Dr. Phil says to Alana. He asks the green team, "We're y'all gracious losers?" He plays a video of the end of the competition. Kimm congratulates the winning purple team, while Rachael complains that the game was unfair, and Gloria storms off.

Gloria says when the leaders changed the last game, it was unethical.

On tape, Tony, the director of operations for Fulcrum Adventures, explains, "We run these types of challenge days all the time, and we use a similar type of point system. I'm the one who created it, so I know that it works, and it is fair. It goes to show that you have to put your effort into every activity in order to win the prize."

"Did you think it was ethical to cuss out the staff?" Dr. Phil asks Gloria.

"Am I ever proud when I'm not perfect? No, I'm not proud," she replies.

Dr. Phil plays a tape of Tony's final thoughts. He says that it was easier for him to work with juvenile youth than the Housewives. "Each woman had a different level of maturity," he says. "When it comes to Gloria, her maturity level would probably be on par with some of these high school students." He adds that some of Alana's comments are similar to those of 10- and 11-year-olds.

The women agree that they are happy they participated in the activity. "I would do it again tomorrow," Gloria says.

Surprise Announcements
"The prize didn't matter to me, and it shouldn't matter to you," Dr. Phil says. "But I would like all of you to go somewhere together."

Rachael shares that her boyfriend, Angel, proposed to her, and they are going to get married.

"The boy did good," Dr. Phil says, as he looks at the ring and congratulates her. He presents Rachael with numerous gifts for her baby.

"This is so nice, Dr. Phil," Rachael says, beaming.