Nearly 70 percent of overweight children become overweight adults. Are today's guests sending their kids down the path of obesity? Dr. Phil helps two struggling families gain control of their child's appetite and life.

Trey's Trouble
Trey, 7, weighs 126 pounds, yet his mother, Tammy, continues to sneak him fast food. Now she and her husband, Destry, are at war over their son's diet. Can Dr. Phil help them to reconcile their differences and get Trey's health on track?

"He doesn't have a weight problem. He has a parent problem."

"He Just Can't Stop Eating"
Lisa says her 8-year-old son, Gage, weighs 206 pounds and throws uncontrollable tantrums when she denies him food. Dr. Phil takes a behind-the-scenes look at Gage's diet and discovers something that leaves him unnerved.

"He's actually making himself sick."

Saving Gage
Dr. Phil gives Lisa a shocking glimpse of Gage's future should his poor eating habits continue. Plus, nutrition expert Dr. Philip Goglia weighs in. Can he propose a solution?

See what Gage may look like at 20.