Levi Johnston, the father of Sarah Palin's 2-year-old grandson, dishes on his latest memoir and soured relationship with the Palins. Who is the real Levi Johnston? Plus, Dr. Phil guides feuding parents through a heated custody battle over their 6-year-old son. Can they call a truce?

Battling Bristol

Levi sets the record straight on his relationship with the Palins. Why did he and Bristol call off their engagement?  Is he still in love with Bristol Palin? And are Bristol's claims about Levi allegedly being behind on child support payments true?

"I'm definitely relieved I did not marry into the Palin family. I'm just thrilled."

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Sadie's Side

Levi's sister, Sadie, speaks up about her family and alleged false claims against her brother. Find out why she says Levi was a "puppet" for the Palins. Then, Dr. Phil uncovers a contract that may put the Johnston family in a serious legal bind.

"We never asked for this. It's torture."

The Real Levi Johnston 

Levi reveals insights into his personal life and his future plans for his son, Tripp. Plus, his manager, Tank Jones, offers a fresh perspective on the young father.

"Levi is not what people think. He's not."

Tyler In the Middle

Devon and Bill's battle over their 6-year-old son, Tyler, literally turned into a "tug of war" with both parents physically pulling their son in opposite directions during an altercation on Bill's front lawn. Dr. Phil sits down with the feuding parents to discuss the incident and a much-needed solution.

"Can we agree that this is so wrong on so many levels?"