From rigorous exercise as a form of discipline to lavish rewards for good grades, Dr. Phil's guests say they've unlocked the secret to raising happy children. But are their methods too extreme?

Parenting with a Price?

Lana showers her teens with expensive gifts " trips to Paris, designer clothes and even million-dollar parties " as bonuses for good grades and behavior. She says the lavish rewards motivate her kids to excel in the classroom, but her sister, Natalya, thinks she's spoiling them. Find out what Dr. Phil thinks about this heated family debate.

"I call my sister a 'mommy tampon.'"

 Lieutenant Mom, Sergeant Dad

Sarge and Joy raise their two children, Sevin and Loren, on an hourly military regimen. The couple believes their army-style parenting teaches the children order and discipline, but Joy's sister, Shana, worries they will become sheltered from such a strict upbringing. Are the parents too radical, or are they preparing their kids for success?

"Are you raising children or soldiers?"

"My Princess Boy"

Cheryl made national headlines when she allowed her 5-year-old son, Dyson, to wear princess dresses and sparkles to school. Dr. Phil sits down with the mom to talk about her recently published children's book, My Princess Boy, and her love and acceptance for Dyson, no matter what he wears.

Meet Cheryl's "Princess Boy."