Dr. Phil's guests are immersed in an adoption mystery steeped in so many secrets, it took expert locator, Troy Dunn, to reconnect the pieces of their fractured family. Lori, her twin sister, Lanie, and older sister, Lynda, say that even as children, they had a memory of their mother leaving for the hospital and returning with a story that didn't add up. The siblings say they’ve always had their suspicions about a possible sibling, but it wasn't until their mother's death that they discovered a piece to the puzzle — paperwork about twins who were placed for adoption decades ago. Delving into the case, Troy uncovers a shocking surprise, but before a reunion can take place, he must deliver some bad news. Find out what happens as Lori, Lanie and Lynda prepare to meet their long-lost loved ones.

Untangling a Mystery

As a child, Lynda says she started dissecting a family mystery by listening through the walls. When she and her sisters, Lori and Lanie, grew up, they asked their grandmother, who revealed the truth and said she had looked tirelessly, but without success, for twins given up for adoption by their mother. The women put the mystery in the hands of expert locator, Troy Dunn, who tells the sisters of the challenges and also unique nature of twins looking for twins.

"It’s trying to unravel a ball of yarn. I don’t know where you start.”

A Reunion 30 Years in the Making
Maria also contacted Troy Dunn after discovering that she and her twin brother, Bruce, had been put up for adoption. Dr. Phil must break the sad news: her biological mother has since passed away, but then reveals that her sisters are here to meet her. How did Troy finally crack the case?

"To meet my family would be to fill a hole in my heart that’s been there all my life."

"Welcome to the Family"
No longer alone in the world, Maria learns about her sisters, her biological mother and hereditary conditions which may have been passed down to her. What does the future hold for this newly-reunited family? Plus, learn Troy's three tips for finding a long-lost friend or relative!

"Our house has an open door."