When Michael was 15 years old, he was arrested for molesting his then 11-year-old sister, May, and served time in a juvenile detention center. Now 19, Michael faces May and his mother, Jodi, on Dr. Phil's stage to ask for forgiveness and try to heal his family. Don’t miss this compelling show about the power of forgiveness. This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

No Warning Signs?
Jodi says she was crushed and devastated when she learned about her daughter’s sexual abuse at the hands of her son and still wonders why she never saw any warning signs. Find out why Jodi says she never doubted May and what happened to Michael that may explain his behavior.

“It was a shock, but it wasn’t a shock like everyone expected it to be.”

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Answering the Hard Questions
Michael says he’s willing to do anything to help heal his family. First, he sits down with Dr. Phil and his mother. Michael and Jodi haven’t ever talked about what happened. Dr. Phil asks some hard questions. Does he understand the gravity of what he’s done? Why hasn’t he told his girlfriend and the mother of his baby about his past? And, Michael has a question for his mom. See the touching moment mother and son share onstage.

“Why can’t you look him in the eye?”

Putting the Pieces Back Together
May says she is wracked with guilt for turning her brother in and tearing their family apart. She says she feels that telling their secret "popped" her family's happiness bubble, and she's now struggling with her emotions and looking for ways to "make the sadness go away." May and Michael face each other for some much needed family therapy. Plus, how did the family trauma affect May’s older sister, who was left untouched?

May confronts her brother — but in a way that may surprise you.