A blissful husband, a beautiful wife — but will in-laws ruin their happily ever after? Fallon says her newlywed husband, Steve, is the man of her dreams, but her mother, Khalood, keeps disrespecting him, and if she doesn’t stop, they will exclude her from their lives forever. Can Dr. Phil help find a peaceful resolution to this mother-daughter standoff?

A Mother's Love?

Khalood says that she despises her daughter's husband, Steve, and calls him a “loser,” insults his job, and has him programmed in her phone as “Dumass Steve.” She admits that, during the holidays, she even slipped a special ingredient into his hot chocolate to see him suffer. What was it, and why does Khalood dislike Steve so much? 

"I have one daughter, and one loser of a son-in-law."

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Taking Charge of Her Life  Fallon tells Dr. Phil what she really thinks of Steve and her mother's behavior. Plus, relationship expert Mel Robbins from the A&E Network real-life series, “Monster In-Laws,” sheds light on the intense family feud. Will Fallon cut Khalood out of her life forever? Then, Dr. Phil doesn't mince words with the meddling mom. Hear the surprising advice he gives her.

"You don't set the agenda. It's not your life."