It's Adam Sandler's fascination with twins! He plays twin siblings Jack and Jill in his latest movie and sits down with Dr. Phil for a twin-tacular hour complete with date-swapping and date-stealing twins, secret language twins, battling twins, talented twins and the recently-discovered bickering Walgreens twins! Plus a heartwarming update from long-lost twin Maria, who met her twin sisters for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage!

Twin Tales and Secret Languages

Identical twins share their secrets with Dr. Phil, including switching identities, swapping places on dates and even speaking unique languages understood only by them! But can having a twin work against you? Meet two sisters who say they were wrongly accused because of their appearance!

"It's like having a clone."

Adam Sandler's Twin Experience

Adam Sandler sits down with Dr. Phil to discuss his new film, Jack and Jill. What was it like dressing as a woman? How did he get Hollywood heavyweight Al Pacino to sign on to a rare comedic role? Plus, Sandler's own twin connection is revealed!

"Shaving my legs was difficult."

The Walgreens Twins
YouTube sensations and Adam Sandler fans Frances and Iris, 77, discuss their newfound fame after being featured as bickering twins in a Walgreens commercial. Do they enjoy all the attention? Then, Sandler talks about his own family and how it parallels with his on-screen family in Jack and Jill. Was there sibling rivalry in the Sandler household?

“Wherever we go, everybody recognizes us.”

Feuding Twins

Is it possible for identical twins to be too close? Twins Tiana and Tiera, 27, share a one-bedroom apartment and say they constantly argue. Can Dr. Phil get to the bottom of their bickering?

“When she got a boyfriend, that’s when everything changed."

Twins Search for Twins, An Update

Long-lost twin Maria gives an update on how things have been going since she met her birth family for the first time on the Dr. Phil stage.

“Does it feel like family yet?”