Who's to Blame?
Do you feel like your marriage is hanging on by a thread? Do you feel like divorce is your only option? Watch three couples go through an intensive relationship overhaul, as Dr. Phil challenges their commitment to each other and puts their marriage to the ultimate test!

Meet the Couples
Jennifer, Kim and Tatiana say they’re sick and tired of their husband’s chauvinistic beliefs, controlling behavior and abuse, so they’re dragging them to Dr. Phil for a complete overhaul. But will three days be enough to save them from the brink of divorce?

“I feel like it’s just a matter of time before [he] hits me.”

First Dose of Dr. Phil

The husbands, Mike, Greg and Gaubriel, move into the Dr. Phil House without their wives —  or so they think. They open up about the problems in their marriages, while their wives secretly watch from another room.

Who's to blame for the destruction of their marriages?

Hearing the Other Side
The husbands get to hear what their wives said about them and the state of their marriages. Will they agree with the view on the other side?

“These women don’t seem very swept off their feet by you guys.”

Taking Ownership
After secretly listening to what their husbands had to say, the wives join the conversation and respond. Are their husbands telling the whole story? And, a home audio recording of one couple’s fight shocks the group. Plus, Dr. Phil goes over the rules of his workshop.

“You make my husband look like a saint.”

In the Hot Seat

Dr. Phil puts the men in the “hot seat.” Will they stand by their comments when confronted by their wives? The women watch their husband’s interviews, then get a chance to go head to head with their partners about what they saw.

“If anybody says divorce, it should be me.”

A Taste of Their Own Medicine
Since the husbands are so critical of their wives and adamant that a woman’s job is to clean the house and take care of the children, Dr. Phil gives them a taste of their own medicine in a role-reversal exercise. And, get a glimpse into the Dr. Phil House confessional!

“You have five minutes to clean up this mess.”

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