Who Can Change?

Is your husband controlling, verbally abusive or a chauvinist who refuses to help around the house? Three wives say they’ve had enough of their spouse’s bad behavior and are checking in to the Dr. Phil House in a last-ditch effort to save their marriages. But, as Dr. Phil says, “No matter how flat you make a pancake, there are always two sides.” Are these women contributing to the downfall of their marriages?

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Warning Signs

Dr. Phil sits down with Kim, Jennifer and Tatiana to discuss the mistakes they’re making in their marriages, while their husbands watch from another room. Were there warning signs before they got married?

“I thought things would be different after our daughter was born.”

Holding Themselves to a Higher Standard

Mike, Greg and Gaubrial join the conversation. Find out what happened their first day in L.A. that has Dr. Phil questioning their definition of a man. And, Dr. Phil questions Gaubrial’s theory that women are the “weaker species.” Plus, the couples participate in a telling exercise where they get to ask for what they want in their marriage.

“Maybe this wasn’t about you, Dr. Mike.”

Prepared to Lose It All?

Dr. Phil surprises the wives with a date night — but not with their husbands. The women get a chance to hear about the male point-of-view from a gentleman. Will watching their wife leave with another man make the husbands appreciate them more? And, the men sit down with family law attorney Areva Martin to get the scoop on the reality of divorce.

Greg opens up about how painful divorce can be. Will the other men listen?

Heart to Heart
Three female advocates make a house call to share with the husbands anything they want to know about women. Will the men get all their questions answered? And, Mike speaks from his heart and apologizes to Kim. Will it be enough to save their marriage?

“You don’t need wives. You need a cleaning lady, you need a cook, and you need a prostitute.”

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