The Monster In-Law is back! Khalood, who confessed to calling her son-in-law, Steve, a “loser,” “dumbass” and lacing his drink with a laxative, returns to face her harshest critics! Does she still think Steve is incapable of supporting a family? Plus, hear what Steve’s mom has to say about the feud!

See what happened when Khalood first visited Dr. Phil!

Khalood, The Reaction

Outrageously outspoken mother-in-law Khalood returns with an update on the feud with her son-in-law, Steve, whom she says is lazy and needs to find a job. Have her feelings changed, or just gotten worse?

"I get approached by a lot of people, wherever I go."

A Battle Won?

Khalood tells Dr. Phil that she won a battle he said she wouldn't. Steve and Khalood's husband, Jerry, discuss the so-called victory. Plus, Steve's mom weighs in on the drama!

“You may think he’s a dumbass, but I can assure you I am not.”

The Critics

Khalood and Steve face their critics — and the results aren't pretty.

"You can't live on love, lady!"