Three men are wanted — for chores — because their wives say they are notorious for escaping household duties like laundry, dirty dishes and taking out the trash! Can Dr. Phil teach these old dogs new tricks?

Cleaning Up after a Slob?
Cam is a stay-at-home mom who says she knows how to find her husband of four years, Kyle, because he always leaves a trail of clothing and crumbs! She says she’s even gone “on strike” and refused to clean up after him, but he just kept adding to the mess and nothing changed. Kyle says he brings home the bacon, so it’s not his job to handle the housework.

How will Kyle do when left on his own with their 3-year-old for a few hours?

Daily Chores vs. Monthly Chores
Bridget is a therapist who says she has trouble diagnosing her own husband of 16 years, Mike, and figuring out why he won’t help out with chores. With three kids under 10, she says her chores are daily, but Mike’s are weekly or monthly, and it’s not fair.

“You’ve gotten away with this for 16 years?”

Role Reversal
Debi says her husband of 39 years, Rick, is lazy and has never helped her around the house. Rick agrees, and says his wife is just better at everything than he is and often just ignores her requests or walks away. Dr. Phil has an eye-opening experiment for the husbands! Plus, sociologist Dr. Chloe Bird shares her research about gender differences and how it pertains to roles in marriage.

Plus, see a classic Dr. Phil moment when he attempted to bake a cake!