Desperate to save their marriages, three couples spend an intense three days at the Dr. Phil House. After role-playing exercises, social experiments, a few surprise guests and some shocking revelations, one big question remains: Which couples will stay together? And who will call it quits?

Catch up on what you missed in Part 1 and Part 2.

Calming the Anger and Choosing Forgiveness
Dr. Phil meets with Mike one-on-one before Kim joins them. Can he learn to calm his anger? And, can Kim choose to forgive her husband? Then, the couple is joined by their 16- and 18-year-old daughters. Don’t miss their emotional apology to their girls.

Mike vows to be a different man.

Pain from the Past
Is a secret from Greg’s past causing his rage? And can his marriage to Jennifer be salvaged? Find out what Jennifer’s mother, Linda, thinks, and how much her opinion factors into Jennifer’s decisions.

Plus, what compelled the entire staff to confront Greg?

Resentment and Control
Dr. Phil says Gaubriel’s chauvinism is fueled by hurt and resentment. Can he and Tatiana turn their parent/child relationship back into a romantic one? And, Dr. Phil has a surprise for this couple.

“I’m worried about your health.”

An Emotional Ending

Dr. Phil has a final meeting with all the couples before they move out of the Dr. Phil House. Are they ready to apply the tools they’ve learned to fix their unions? And, don’t miss the emotional ending.

“You guys are bound to make me cry.”