Dr. Drew Ordon, co-host of the Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show, The Doctors, and author of the new book, Better in 7, published by The Doctors executive producer, Jay McGraw, shares non-surgical treatments that may result in a flatter tummy, better skin, fewer stretch marks and more! And, Dr. Jeffry Life, author of The Life Plan, says that at 73, he’s in better shape than he was 40 years ago! Learn how he says he reversed the effects of heart disease and made a remarkable return to health. Plus, two wives say they are desperate for their husbands to lose weight. Can Dr. Life take them from chunk to hunk? And, hear what most men neglect that could be putting their health at risk.

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Better in 7

Using his experience on The Doctors and practicing medicine for 30 years, Dr. Drew Ordon, author of the new book, Better in 7, published by The Doctors executive producer, Jay McGraw, shares at-home natural remedies that may result in a better body — in only 7 days! Readers show off their dramatic results! And, new mom Amber asks for help banishing her troubling stretch marks.

Faith tried Better in 7’s remedy to reduce her “muffin top.” Find out just how much she lost!

Nicole tried Dr. Ordon’s acne treatment plan. See her improvement after just 7 days!

“I’ve watched her go through 50 different brands of stretch mark creams!”

Can Better in 7 provide Amber the answers to help with her stretch marks? And, Dr. Phil counsels the new mom on her self-image.

The Life Plan

Dr. Jeffry Life says his new health and exercise regimen is the reason for his remarkable physique at 73 years old, and in his book, The Life Plan, he shares his secrets. He counsels two husbands whose wives are concerned for their health. Danielle says her husband, Troy, 42, has high cholesterol, diabetes and had a heart attack two months ago. Still, she says he hasn’t made any changes to his diet or fitness habits. “If he doesn’t wake up and get help, he’s going to die,” Danielle says. Then, Teresa says her husband, Dave, is “a walking heart attack,” and she fears being left a young widow. Dave says he’s not happy with his appearance or energy level, saying “I’m tired of being tired.” Can Dr. Life inspire these men to work toward a return to health?

Dr. Jeffry Life shares how he made a remarkable return to health. “Anyone can do this; all it takes is commitment and consistency.”

Hear Dr. Life’s plan for two health-challenged husbands!