Nikki says she is happily married to her husband, Rob, but her mother, Pat, won't accept him. And, 40 years of resentment reached a boiling point between two football greats one month ago, and fists — and canes — were thrown! Plus, Linda says her husband, Paul, spends ten hours a day on Facebook chatting with scantily-clad women! Can Dr. Phil mend these relationships in time for the holidays?

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Red Flags in the Relationship?

Rob and Nikki say they are madly in love, but Nikki's mom, Pat, won't let go of her misgivings of Rob — and their relationship. Rob says his mother-in-law never gave him a chance. Is Pat overstepping or is there reason for her concern? And, after their last Christmas together went awry, can Dr. Phil broker peace in time for the holidays?

“I think she made up her mind pretty quickly that I wasn’t right for her daughter.”

Gridiron Grudge

Decades have passed since football rivals Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp, both 73, faced one another on the field. But when the two were seated together at a charity luncheon last month, tempers flared and punches were thrown. Angelo joins Dr. Phil to tell his side of the story. Is he finally ready to bury the hatchet?

“I’m pretty well known for not taking any *.”

Facebook Friending Gone Too Far?

Linda says she has one major gripe with her husband, Paul. She says he spends up to 10 hours a day on Facebook chatting with scantily-clad women. Paul says it’s his nagging wife who really has the problem, and he has no plans to change his online habits. Can Dr. Phil get Paul to realize that his marriage is hanging in the balance?

“It’s just a fantasy world. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.”

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