When Penny filed for divorce from her abusive husband, Brad, he retaliated by shooting her three times, attacking her with a machete, hitting her over the head with a shovel and murdering her best friend, Leslie, in cold blood — all in front of their four children. Penny survived the attack and Brad is serving 32 years in prison, but she says her emotional wounds are far from healed. Can Dr. Phil help her find peace for herself and her family? This program contains graphic and disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Surviving the Horror

Penny recounts her abusive marriage with her husband, Brad, and how she survived his gruesome attack. Hear about the day that almost ended her life. What gave her the will to live? Is she finally ready to move past the trauma?

“His favorite thing to do was to punch me in the head.”

The Aftermath
Penny's eldest daughter, Chelsea, who was 10 at the time of the incident, speaks out about the night that changed their family forever. Learn why she says she blamed herself for her mother’s attack and her father’s imprisonment. Plus, author Serita Jakes and Brian Martin, founder of The Makers of Memories Foundation, offer insights to help Penny's family move forward.

“I blamed my mom for everything until recently.”

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