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Alyssa drops a bombshell, and Dr. Phil attempts to get to the bottom of Beka’s drinking problem. 
Beka is a mom of three teenage girls who she says are violent and out of control. She says an argument with her oldest daughter escalated to a life-threatening altercation when the 16-year-old stabbed her with a kitchen knife. And are her 15-year-old identical twin sisters following in her footsteps? Beka says they are "evil" and have threatened to kill her too. But the twins tell a different story. They say she drinks excessively, has choked them and has even tried to take her own life. Can Dr. Phil get to the root of the real problem in this tumultuous household?

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A Near-Fatal Night

Beka details the incident with her teenage daughter, Arielle, that left her stabbed just inches from her heart. Then, Beka says her 15-year-old identical twins, Abby and Alyssa, are evil and she fears they may kill her. The twins tell a very different story. They say it's Beka who is violent, and they have the markings to prove it. And, Dr. Phil asks Beka if her drinking problem could be at the foundation of the family's issues.

“They are awful kids. I see evil in Abby and Alyssa’s eyes. When they are angry or upset, their eyes darken."

More to the Story?

Beka's daughters join the show and paint a starkly different picture of their family dynamic. How does Arielle explain stabbing her mother? And is she remorseful now? Then, Dr. Phil grills Beka again about her drinking. Will she admit that she has a problem? And, can Dr. Phil encourage this family to come together in a peaceful way?

“It may get better for just a little bit, but things will always get worse."