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"Everything in my life that’s been really important to me … has come because all my plans failed."  
Oscar winner, activist and mother of three Susan Sarandon joins Dr. Phil for a look at her new movie, Jeff Who Lives at Home, in which she plays a lonely single mother of two grown sons — one who is in a failing marriage, and the other, Jeff, who lives in her basement and is failing at life. And, Deanna says her 19-year-old son, Taylor, mooches off anyone he can. His father, David, says Taylor manipulates his mother into giving him everything he asks for. Does Taylor have a lack of ambition or lack of resources? And, what role do Deanna and David play?

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Academy Award-winner Susan Sarandon has been entertaining audiences for five decades. She achieved cult status as Janet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and has shared the big screen with some of Hollywood's leading men. Learn why she was drawn to her most-recent role in Jeff Who Lives at Home and the challenges she faces as a mother of three. Plus, Susan opens up about her love life, and how she solved one of her lifelong mysteries.

"You love your kids, but sometimes, they just are horrible."

A Doomed Future?

Taylor is 19, has no driver’s license, no high school diploma, no job, and has a criminal record. His father, David, says Taylor's happy with a joint and a six-pack. His mother, Deanna, says he’s cost her $10,000 this past year. Who really needs the intervention: Taylor or his parents? And, Taylor's siblings share how Taylor's freeloading ways are tearing apart the family.

"You have to stop breaking the law."

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This Dr. Phil episode was produced by Senior Coordinating Producer Edward Santos. Ed has worked for the Dr. Phil show for 10 years and has been the lead producer for the "Dr. Phil Family" for the last three seasons. Learn more about Ed's personal life and his most memorable moments on the show!

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