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Eric explains why he didn't mention his daughter, Emma, when asked about his proudest achievements.

Three-time Golden Globe-nominated actor Eric Roberts was one of Hollywood’s biggest rising stars in the 1980s, but he says he lost it all to drugs. Now in his 50s, the recovering addict is hoping to revive his career — but is it too late? Eric comes clean to Dr. Phil about his substance abuse and the toll it took on his body, his reputation and his family.  

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Career Highs and Lows
After admitting to being hooked on drugs for much of his early life, Eric dishes about his bad-boy reputation in Hollywood and how his addiction affected his career. Does he have any regrets? And, does he see a blockbuster hit in his future?

“My life was spent high.”

Family Life
Eric's wife, Eliza, and stepson, Keaton, discuss their family dynamic. Eliza calls her relationship with Eric co-dependent and says it's romantic — but is their union healthy? Plus, Keaton explains why he didn't talk to Eric for 15 years. Are they on good terms now?

Find out why Eric grows protective when asked about his sister, Julia, and daughter, Emma.