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"Why were you having sex with him in the backseat of a car that night with no birth control?”
Kris and Jessica's high school romance ended with the birth of a baby and Kris claiming rape. Did Kris make this shocking claim so he doesn’t have to pay child support? And, YaVaughnie says that after she learned her boyfriend of eight years was still married, she put up billboards in three cities to let everyone know she was his significant other, not his mistress. Learn why she says her world came crashing down.

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"I Couldn't Get Away"

Kris says his high school girlfriend, Jessica, raped him in the back seat of a car on the night their now 5-year-old son was conceived, and because he says he was forced to have sex, he does not believe he should be responsible for paying child support. Jessica says the sex was consensual and that Kris' rape claims began only after he was required to provide for his son.

"Neither one of us ever said no."

“Is Rape too Strong a Word?”

Kris joins the show and gives his recollection of the night in question. Learn why he believes Jessica should go to jail. Plus, Jessica's friend, Kim, was with Kris and Jessica the night Jessica became pregnant. Hear her account of the events.

“It’s very sickening when nobody wants to believe you.”

Public Display Becomes Personal Pain

What would you do if you learned your lover was married? YaVaughnie says she went to an extreme by renting billboards in three cities to show everyone that she was her boyfriend's longtime partner and not his mistress. But when the billboards went up, she says her world came crashing down.

Would YaVaughnie put up the billboards again?

Protect Your Online Reputation

Michael Fertik, founder of, says that people have the right to control and protect their online reputation and privacy.

Michael's three steps for restoring your online identity.