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See how Dr. Phil surprised Robin with a special gift from the heart.  
Dr. Phil’s guests are extreme examples of embarrassing behavior, and their family members want them to clean up their acts! Plus, Entertainment Tonight co-host Nancy O'Dell shares ideas for creative presents from the heart.

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Loud-Mouthed Granny

Penny may look like a sweet and unassuming grandma, but she says her cursing and yelling is out of control — especially when she watches her grandchildren play sports.

"I’m a fun-loving, ass-kicking, redneck grandma from the country and love it."

Bad Manners, Bad Influence

Twenty-three-year-old Kyle thinks it’s funny to burp, pass gas and pick his nose — and encourage his 3-year-old daughter to imitate him! His fiancée, Sarah, says Kyle is disgusting, gross and just plain embarrassing.

Dr. Phil's important parenting lesson for Kyle and Sarah.

Cheapest Man in America?

Roy says he'd rather be rude and cheap than polite and poor. His wife, Lisa, says Roy asks strangers for their leftovers at restaurants and has re-gifted her flowers from a dumpster, so sometimes she pretends she doesn’t know him!

Are Roy's antics really saving him money? Dr. Phil puts him to the test!

Simple, Meaningful Gifts

Entertainment Tonight co-host Nancy O’Dell shares ideas for creative presents from the heart from her new book, Secret Ingredients: Step-by-Step Recipes for Creating Meaningful Gifts.

See how creative Dr. Phil is when it comes to gifts for Robin!

Meet the Staff

Beth Thompson Grealy has been working for Dr. Phil for five seasons. Last year, she was promoted to producer.

Get to know Beth.