At 19, Monet Monico was fast becoming an acting and singing sensation, opening for teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney and appearing on Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101. But just two years later, Monet’s family says the Hollywood hopeful has gone from promising young talent to homeless heroin addict, and they’re desperate for help. Don’t miss what happens when Monet and her boyfriend, Chris, face her family for the first time in six months on Dr. Phil’s stage. Will Monet accept help before it's too late?

From Riches to Rags

“It’s raw, it’s real; it’s her life,” Dr. Phil says of Monet Monico, the once-Hollywood hopeful. Monet’s mother, Diane, says that since the death of Monet’s father, the aspiring star has been on a downward spiral with drugs, alongside her boyfriend, Chris. For the last six months, the couple has lived on the streets, where Dianne says Monet has nearly overdosed two times. “She’s killing herself,” Diane says.

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"We know that she is at a breaking point where any day now she can overdose and die."

Dr. Phil cameras follow Monet and her boyfriend, Chris, through a typical day on the streets. "You just want to get more and more and more, and you never get enough."


Monet hasn’t seen her family in six months and says her mother is to blame. “I feel very neglected,” she tells her. Monet also blames her boyfriend, Chris, who she says got her hooked on opiates by telling her she was taking something else. “It really hit me when I found out what they were, but I couldn’t stop because I liked it so much.” She says that soon led to a heroin addiction.

Monet faces her family for the first time in six months. And, Dr. Phil doesn't mince words with the self-professed addict.

Dr. Phil uncovers something on Monet's Facebook page that made him reconsider meeting with her.

"Partners in Self-Destruction?"

Monet’s family says they blame her boyfriend, Chris, for her addiction. They call Chris manipulating, controlling, cruel, obsessive and abusive. What does Dr. Phil think is best for the couple? Then, Ben Levenson of Origins Recovery Centers weighs in. “We want to help you return to your higher calling,” Ben says. “What that process looks like is the road to recovery.” Dr. Phil offers Monet and Chris the opportunity to go to rehab, and both accept the help.

Dr. Phil confronts Monet's boyfriend, Chris. "Tell me how you're protecting her and taking care of her."

A surprise guest has a heart-to-heart with Monet. "I don't have anything to gain but to tell you the truth."