Eighteen-year-old Cassie says that at 16, she became pregnant, and at seven months along, had a confrontation with her father, Todd, and tragically lost the baby. Todd denies the accusation and claims what medical records and multiple sonograms prove: Cassie was never pregnant. Why does he believe his daughter would make up such an elaborate story? After months of not speaking, Cassie comes face to face with her family, who says this isn’t the first time they’ve caught her in a web of lies. How does Cassie explain her pregnancy? Can Dr. Phil help uncover the truth?

Cassie's Family

Cassie, 18, says on June 2, 2011, after a physical confrontation with her father, Todd, she miscarried the baby she had been carrying for seven months. “I was punched, kicked and dragged around the yard,” Cassie describes. “My father killed my baby.”

Todd denies Cassie’s accusations of physical abuse, and says that she was the one who became aggressive and violent that day. He also says Cassie was never pregnant, and that he believes she had “hit a wall” with her story and had to find a way out without admitting she had been pretending to be pregnant.

Cassie's sister, Patience, agrees with Todd: “There’s no chance that Cassie was ever pregnant.”

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They say they are at their wits' end with Cassie's dishonesty and her vying for attention. Patience adds, “Cassie is a pathological liar who manipulates every situation she can to her benefit.”

Todd and Patience say they haven’t spoken to Cassie in months. “Talking to Cassie causes more drama and turmoil, and it’s not worth the fight,” Todd says. “And nothing I say is going to change what Cassie believes in her own head.”

“She’s accused me of the worst things you can possibly accuse me of."

Dr. Phil asks Cassie why she doesn’t speak to her family and is surprised by her answer. Plus, hear why Cassie says she took seven pregnancy tests even though she says her first one was positive.

Was Cassie Pregnant?

According to medical records, pregnancy tests and sonograms, Cassie was not pregnant. How does Cassie explain these documents?

Dr. Phil digs deeper into Cassie's story. He questions her about waiting until her second trimester to see a doctor, and asks where she got the sonogram picture she showed to loved ones.

Faced with mounting evidence suggesting she was never pregnant, how will Cassie respond?

Cassie was living with her grandmother, Sherrill, at the time of her alleged pregnancy. Does Sherrill believe there was ever a baby?

A History of Dishonesty?

Patience believes Cassie created four separate Facebook accounts of make-believe friends. But Cassie insists that the people behind those accounts are real. When show producers reach out to one of Cassie’s alleged friends, will the truth be revealed?

How does Cassie explain the Facebook accounts she may have set up as people who really don’t exist?

Dr. Phil explains to Cassie’s family what he believes is behind her story.