Despite accusations from his mother, Chloe, 19, says she is not responsible for the death of her 21-year-old boyfriend, Malcolm, who, while intoxicated, fell over the railing of a three-story apartment building in November, suffering extensive brain trauma which left him in a coma before dying two-and-a-half weeks later.

“I loved Malcolm and had every intention to spend the rest of my life with him,” Chloe, who says Malcolm lost his balance and fell over the railing, notes. “I did not kill him.”

In the moments leading up to his fall, Chloe admits she was yelling at Malcolm from the top of the stairs at the apartment complex because, as she explains, she had “been trying to get a hold of him for a couple of hours.”

“I was angry, I will admit that. And I was yelling, ‘Where have you been? What have you been doing?’ He didn’t have even time to respond to me. He stepped down to the next step and just lost it and went top-heavy over the side,” she says.

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“There were a good four or five steps between us. It wasn’t even like I was close enough to grab him,” she adds. “I watched him fall all the way until he hit the ground. I ran down the stairs screaming.”

While Chloe – who was the only witness to her boyfriend’s fall – maintains she didn’t cause him to fall, Malcolm’s mother, Stephanie, believes otherwise.

“Chloe had a history of fighting with Malcolm,” Stephanie claims. “The story I got is that Malcolm stepped back and fell sideways. There is no way I can believe the story she gave me. Something she did that night caused him to fall. I believe she got mad. He was probably trying to dodge her, or she pushed him and he fell over.

“I am 100 percent sure she had something to do with his death,” Stephanie says.

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