Dr. Phil sits down with legendary singer and actress Barbra Streisand and funnyman Seth Rogen to discuss their new movie, The Guilt Trip. Then, Joe says his stepson, Rendall, is a 25-year-old mama’s boy who needs to get a job and pay off the $50,000 loan his mom co-signed on. Can Dr. Phil help Rendall get traction to succeed on his own?

Mama's Boy?

Joe says his stepson, Rendall, is a 25-year-old mama’s boy who is currently funding his education with a loan, which Joe’s wife, Barb, co-signed on. Joe says he loses sleep over it. “Barb always seems to come to his rescue. Most of the time I feel second fiddle to Rendall,” Joe says.

Rendall insists that he’s not a mama’s boy. “I do not consider myself spoiled,” he adds.

Barb says that she gives Rendall money, in addition to the loan he received. “Rendall has Cadillac taste with beer bottle pockets,” she says. “I am an enabler. I will admit that.”

“The only thing that she’s enabling is driving me crazy,” Rendall retorts. He says he has dreams of becoming an actor and singer and doesn’t have time now to work.

“I think it’s a great dream, but the reality is, you have to put time into it,” Joe says.

“I want Rendall to realize the reality that is going to come soon — and to have a plan,” Barb adds.

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Does Rendall plan to re-pay the $50,000 loan his mother co-signed? Why isn’t he currently looking for a job?

Dr. Phil gives Barb some tough love. “At this point, you are an influencer.”

The Guilt Trip

Legendary singer and actress Barbra Streisand has won two Academy Awards, eight Grammy Awards, five Emmy Awards and a Special Tony Award. She is one of the few entertainers who has won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony Award. In a rare candid interview, Barbra sits down with Dr. Phil, joined by her co-star in the new holiday movie, The Guilt Trip, Seth Rogen, to discuss the film, and what it was like working together.

Barbra talks openly about the uniqueness of the film, her personal attachment to it and her own relationship with her son, musician Jason Gould.

Seth says, “I don’t think a lot of people get that their mothers are just people who want to be friends with them.”

Barbra tells Dr. Phil what makes this movie so unique — and personal — for her. “It was sort of meant to be.” And, Seth shares why he had an instant connection to Barbra.

Barbra opens up about the challenges in forming a relationship with your child. “Sometimes you get kicked in the teeth for that kind of overbearingness; it’s too much love.”

Find out the surprising thing that Barbra says embarrasses her. “Do you want to swing your feet up on the couch and I’ll analyze that for you?”

Barbra says she was bullied when she was young. “I was a misfit.”