Gabriel says his mom, Linda, is crazy, intrusive, “religious to the extreme” and causes so much drama that he and his wife, Suzanne, avoid her at all costs in fear of what she’ll do next. Linda says she’s not meddling, she’s just trying to create a happy family — but will she realize she’s pushing her loved ones away? Dr. Phil shows this family and others how to tear down the barriers and begin to live with no fear in the New Year.

Meddling Mom?

Gabriel says he's at his wits' end with his mom, Linda, whom he calls boisterous, meddling and "religious to the extreme." He says Linda is constantly creating drama and won't take no for an answer. “She screams. She pouts. I’ve seen her slap herself. It’s really embarrassing,” he explains.

“She forces her opinions on you,” Gabriel’s wife, Suzanne adds. “[She tells me] how I should live my life, how my children should be raised, bible quotes — everything you can imagine.” She says Linda has caused a lot of friction between her and Gabriel.

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“I’m not out to cause any problems,” Linda responds. “I have my opinion, and they have theirs.” She explains that her faith is very important to her, and she’d like her son and his family to have the same spiritual connection. “I feel that it’s very important for Suzanne, Gabriel and the kids to go to church.”

Gabriel says Linda micromanages his life and shows up at his home unexpectedly and bangs on the door — sometimes in the middle of the night — just to check up on him. He also says she falsely accuses him of stealing items from her house and using drugs.

“I’m trying very hard to bring Gabriel and Suzanne closer to me, but they’re pushing me away,” Linda responds.

Dr. Phil asks Gabriel what Linda can do to bring peace to their lives.

“Respect,” he responds. “Respect our feelings. Respect our way of life.” When asked what Linda can do behaviorally, Gabriel says that she can speak with a respectful tone of voice, stop bringing up the past and stop blaming him and his family for the things she doesn’t have.

Dr. Phil asks Linda the same question, and she says Gabriel should stop telling lies.

“Why would I lie about my mom?” Gabriel interjects.

Linda responds to Gabriel’s claim that she’s had several restraining orders placed against her by a church. Plus, she explains the balcony climbing incident.

“Do you show up at midnight and bang on the door?”

“Your fear, if I’m hearing you right, is that you have raised a full-blown psychopath?”

Why does Linda blame Gabriel for her time in jail?

Why won’t Gabriel and Suzanne let Linda watch their children? Plus, Dr. Phil gives Linda a reality check.

The Why Lie

Dr. Phil tells Linda that he believes she’s been hiding behind a “Why Lie,” or the lie we tell ourselves about why we do what we do — and don't do.

Dr. Phil reveals the truth that he says Linda won’t face.