Juli, 41, has lost more than 100 pounds and says she loves the attention she gets from her new “smokin’ hot” body. Juli's husband, David, says he's embarrassed by Juli's carefree behavior and that ever since she’s slimmed down, she’s changed for the worse. He says he thinks Juli drinks too much, flaunts her body — and confides that six months ago, she kissed another man at a bar. Can Dr. Phil get this marriage back on track? And, Dawn last appeared on Dr. Phil with her boyfriend, Paul, who said he wasn’t attracted to her “saggy skin.” How are Paul and Dawn now?

A Changed Woman?

"As a child, I was heavy, and I’ve always been big. At my heaviest, I was 280 pounds. I lost 100 pounds, twice," says Juli, wife and mother of two. "I am 5’3” and weigh 129 pounds. Now, I’m hot. Men notice me wherever I go. I like to party. I love to dance." She continues, "It is a skinny world. People treat you completely differently than they do when you’re fat."

Juli's husband, David, says ever since Juli lost the weight and kept it off, she’s completely changed. "My wife, Juli, is acting like a 40-year-old prom queen. Her idea of fun is going out to the club, partying and drinking," he says. "Juli is totally into being the dandy girl. She wants everyone to look at her. She dresses slutty." David also claims that when Juli goes out, she often drinks too much, and he must pick her up at the bar. "She never acted like this when she was bigger."

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"David says my behavior embarrasses him," Juli shares. "When I was heavier, I didn’t get any male attention. I appreciate it very much now."

Juli and David also admit that their sex life is suffering. "I am vivacious, and he is absolutely pulseless. I need a lot more va va voom. I am begging him to have sex with me," Juli says. "He’s a cop. He carries a gun. You’d think he’d be more aggressive. He doesn’t make me feel beautiful."

"When Juli was bigger, it was, ‘Don’t touch me.’ Now, it’s, ‘How come you don’t ever touch me?’" David says. "She’s not the woman I married."

Juli is concerned for the future of their relationship. "I feel like he’s living his own life, and I’m living my own life. Something has to change, soon," she frets.

David concurs, "At times, my wife is totally out of control and destroying our marriage."

Does Juli believe her focus in life has changed since losing weight?

Troubled Sex Life

David says Juli's libido is out of control, and he can't keep up with her. "Juli has become more sexual since she has lost the weight," he says. "I have had to take testosterone just to keep up with her."

"I cannot be in a sexless marriage," Juli says. "I want sex on demand."

David remembers a fight they had because he didn't want to be intimate with Juli. "She got mad because I didn’t want to have sex and told me that somebody else would want to have her," he says.

"I said, ‘If you don’t want it, I’m sure I can find somebody who does,’" Juli recalls.

“Your husband is saying, ‘I don’t like the fact that you’re dressing provocatively, and going out there and feeding off the attention of men.’”

Is Juli Being Unfaithful?

"About six months ago, I kissed another man at a bar," Juli reveals. "I was out with a group of friends. I was drinking. A gentleman whom I knew came up and asked me if I wanted to dance. He made me feel really sexy, really good about myself. One thing led to another, and we were kissing on the dance floor. Unfortunately, one of David’s co-workers was there."

"A friend of mine called me and let me know what happened. I waited two weeks before I confronted her," David says.

"He told me, ‘I can’t do this anymore. I need to be alone,’" Juli recalls. David left the house for a few days. "I begged him to come home, and he finally did."

"After 21 years, I didn’t want to throw my marriage away," David says. "She promised that she’d change her ways, but she’s still acting the same way that she was."

"I honestly don’t think the kissing thing was a huge deal. I feel like if he can’t get onboard with the new me, then we may have to go our separate ways," Juli says. "We talked about divorce six months ago."

Is there hope for this marriage? “You owe it to him to conduct yourself with dignity and respect.”

Embarrassed by Their Mother

Juli says the reason she lost weight was to set a healthy example for her overweight daughters, Taylor, 21, and Gabrielle, 17. But Gabrielle and Taylor say they are tired of being lectured by their mother about their weight.

"My mom dresses like she’s 21. She wears low-cut blouses, short skirts, short dresses, high heels. It’s slutty," says Taylor. "When my mom does go out and parties, we end up picking her up from the bar, because she can’t drive herself home ... I feel she definitely has more fun with her friends over spending time with her family."

"My mom never drank before she was skinny," says Gabrielle. "My mom says, ‘Are you really going to eat that, Gabrielle? Do you think that’s good for you?’ I feel like my mom looks down on me because of my weight."

Taylor adds, "I think she’d be more comfortable hanging out with us if we were thinner."

What do Taylor and Gabrielle want from their mother?

Dr. Phil tells Juli how she can get her relationship with her husband and daughters back on track. “You’re feeding off attention from people who wouldn’t give you the time of day before you lost weight.”

Where Are They Now?

When Dawn first appeared on the show, she had recently lost 155 pounds but said she didn't feel hot enough for her boyfriend, Paul. Paul compared the loose skin around Dawn's stomach to a pork rind. Did Dawn get the surgery Dr. Phil offered? And, what is her relationship with Paul like now?

"Since the show, my life has been completely different."