Paula says her 19-year-old daughter, Kylie is on a path of self-destruction, but Kylie says Paula is at fault for being a bad role model. Who is telling the truth?

Teenage Wasteland

Paula says her daughter, Kylie, developed an eating disorder at age 12, was experimenting with drugs by 14, and now, at 19, is starring in adult films.

Kylie admits her life is spinning out of control, but blames most of her downfall on her mom’s bad example. “My mom is the reason why I have an eating disorder,” Kylie alleges. She claims that as a kid, Paula bought her laxatives and taught her to throw up. Kylie also accuses Paula of modeling for her anorexia and bulimia. “She’s the queen of the eating disorder.”

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Paula admits that she has struggled with her weight and says she’s tried every fad diet, but denies modeling an eating disorder for Kylie. “I want my daughter to know that I would go to the end of the Earth for her.”

Kylie also claims that Paula is an alcoholic, and says that she starts drinking sometimes as early as eight in the morning. “She’s the meanest drunk I know,” Kylie says. “She’ll say, ‘My daughter is a little whore' and that she wishes I was dead. She gets drunk and everything goes out the window.” Kylie also claims that Paula steals her Adderall prescription — a claim that Paula denies.

Kylie says she desperately wants to change her life, gain her mother’s approval and be independent of her parents. Dr. Phil points out that, at 19 years old, she can be independent.

Kylie is now living with her dad, Cory, who she says suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, and it terrifies her. Since living with him, she says she’s dropped significant weight as a result of her anxiety. Kylie also alleges that her dad buys her alcohol and smokes marijuana with her. “My dad is a straight-up stoner. My dad and I smoke pot every night.”

Cory says that he caught Kylie stealing liquor and marijuana, and made the decision to buy it for her and allow her to do it while supervised.

Paula says Kylie mysteriously developed an eating disorder at 12 years old. Kylie claims that Paula taught her how to purge. Can Dr. Phil get at the truth?

“My mother loved me when I did porn.” And Paula responds to Kylie’s accusations.

Must-See: Dr. Phil reads off more of Kylie’s statements about Paula — and mother and daughter face-off.

“Don’t you come in here and waste my damn time. Tell me the truth or go home.”

Dr. Phil gets real with Paula. “Let me tell you what I haven’t heard you say …”

Dr. Phil tries to get through to Paula again. Is she ready to hear the truth?

Dr. Phil tells Kylie that she’s young and still has time to turn her life around. He offers her help for her eating disorder and addiction struggles. “I think you’re worth it, and I think you’re capable of it,” Dr. Phil says.

Ben Levenson, of Origins Recovery Centers, joins the show by phone. He says, “The hallmark of a dysfunctional family is that they can’t get past the blame game.” Ben tells Kylie that he looks forward to helping her. “We’ll be here, and we’ll walk this path with you.”