So-called “New York Soccer Mom Madam” Anna Gristina says she’s ready to come clean to Dr. Phil — and the world. Will she name names?

Coming Clean

When the woman dubbed the “New York Soccer Mom Madam,” Anna Gristina, sat down with Dr. Phil in September 2012, she denied accusations of running a multimillion dollar prostitution empire and claimed she had been wrongly targeted by investigators who were “out to get her.”

Three weeks later, Anna shockingly pleaded guilty to one count of promoting prostitution. “Is it true that you arranged through text, phone or e-mail ... a sexual encounter between a man and two prostitutes which you employed?” a judge asked her. “Yes, sir,” Anna answered.

Anna says she took the plea deal to protect certain people close to her who had enemies in the district attorney’s office — and because in the eyes of the law, she says she did promote prostitution. She maintains that she doesn’t believe she is guilty. “I was collateral damage,” she says.

Anna walked free with time served, but still faces potential deportation to her native Scotland.

Now, Anna says she’s ready to come clean with the details of her business to Dr. Phil. Does she believe her venture crossed the line into prostitution? Plus, hear how she says her simple matchmaking company flourished into a global business with a roster of wealthy and prominent clientele, allegedly including professional football players and management. And, will she name names?

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Anna and her attorney, Norm, address allegations that Anna arranged sex between an undercover cop and two prostitutes. “That man paid to play.” Then, what does Anna say her business consisted of?

Dr. Phil asks Anna why she still maintains her innocence after admitting her guilt in court, under oath when she took a plea deal. “You can’t say yes then and no now. There are not versions of the truth.”


Will Anna admit that women whom she employed had sex for money? Plus, when does she say her matchmaking company turned into something more? “They wanted to test drive.”

“A guy says, ‘I’m coming in for the weekend.’ And you say, ‘I have a girl for $2,000 who will spend the night with you at the hotel,' and you rake off a percentage — that’s pimping!”

Anna answers questions about the apartment she rented. “Is this where you had the peep show for the undercover cop?” And, Anna opens up about her “database” of girls.

At last, Will Anna name names?