Taylor claims her mother, Susan, has put her and her younger siblings through a “living, breathing hell.” Taylor says while she lived at home, their house was filthy and filled with feces, garbage, bugs, and the pantry was often empty.

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Taylor also claims that as soon as she turned 18, her mother stole her identity and started opening credit cards in her name. She says she knows Susan has opened at least 10 credit cards and also put an electricity bill in her name.

In the video above, Dr. Phil asks Susan about these allegations.

“Did you hijack your daughter’s identity?” Dr. Phil asks.

“No I did not,” Susan replies, denying she opened credit cards in her daughter’s name. “She was aware of the one to start her credit when she was at school. I did the electric bill so she could have a place of residency.”

“There aren’t versions of the truth,” Dr. Phil says to Taylor. “Did she or did she not open up credit cards in your name?”

Watch more of the exchange in the video above, including what Taylor claims she’s had to do to clean up her credit.

This episode airs Thursday. On Friday, a voice from Susan's past says he wants to set the record straight. And, hear what Susan's younger children have to say. Plus, Susan allows cameras in her home. What do they find?

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