Alexa says she’s tired of watching her mother, Jen, make terrible decisions in life. She claims Jen is an alcoholic who refuses to stop drinking alcohol when she knows it’s killing her. She says her mom also told her that she had a cancer relapse and was given four-to-six years left to live – and she refused to do chemotherapy.

On the Dr. Phil episode, "'My Mom is Dying From Cancer and Killing Herself with Alcohol'," Jen reveals to Alexa that she does not have cancer again.

Alexa confronts her mother for lying to her. “I’m sorry isn’t enough,” Alexa tells Jen. “I’ve been there for you 100%, and you lied to me the most, and you hurt me the most.” 

Why does Jen say she lied? And, Dr. Phil talks to Jen about her behavior. Watch in the video above.

Does Jen say she wants to change her behavior? Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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